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Learning can be easy, hard, fun, or boring. How can we make our classroom an exciting place to learn? Light a campfire in your classroom!

Start with a spark! Identify enticing, information-rich web-based resources.

Identify a purpose for your fire. What are students supposed to learn? Why?

Embers are the hot remains of a fire. Engage your students by designing active, exciting, "real-world" learning environments. Create a project that will keep the fire going!

Create an Internet Expedition that brings all these ideas together in the form of a webquest!

Sing around the campfire. Share an idea. Find out what your students have learned.

Explore the text and links associated with the PowerPoint presentation titled Classroom Campfire.

Good Luck. Annette Lamb

The following hands-on experience will help you build effective web-based activities for students. Once you become familiar with the basics, you may wish to go on and develop a webquest or other more extensive learning activity.

Developed by Annette Lamb, 4/99. Updated 2/00.