Your mission is to explore the possibilities of JavaScript by turning this page into a cool project for kids. The requirements of the project are listed below:

  • Create a learning environment for kids that explores a specific grade level outcome.
  • Incorporate at least three pieces of new information, at least two links, a graphic, and a specific student-oriented activity.
  • Incorporate elements of at least two of the cool JavaScripts shown below.
  • Hint: Copy the source from this page directly into your new page, then eliminate the stuff you don't need.

Before you begin, ask yourself: Are we working with Java or JavaScript? How do you know? Find out from Danny Goodman.

Cool JavaScript Examples

Below are some cool applications for JavaScript. How could you use them in a lesson?

Use the Status Bar

Move over me and text will appear in the status bar below. Cool!

Be Polite to Your Users

Look at the bottom of your window after pressing each "polite" button.

Please tell us your name: and then or or

Get Mail!

Send email to someone. Press Enter when you're through typing. It will send email to Dr. Lamb.

Developed by Annette Lamb, April 1998, Updated April 1999.