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Website Evaluation Section: Evaluation

The websites of special libraries have a wide range of materials. In addition to information about the library and its resources, they often house special collections and provide access to unique works. Examine the Site Map found at the National Library of Medicine (Link to Site Map is at the bottom of the webpage) and the resources found at the Wirtz Labor Library.

Go to the Peace Palace Library and examine their website resources. They won the Law Library award. The Library of Congress website has been awarded a Webby.

Special Libraries Website Elements

As you explore, look for the following elements:

Special Library Websites


Directories to Special Libraries Online

LibCat: A Guide to Library Resources on the Internet - several types including Special Libraries

Missouri Special Libraries - Kansas City Area from University of Kansas City, MO

MS Libraries Directory: Special Libraries from the Mississippi Library Commission

National Libraries of the World

Presidential Libraries

Special Libraries from Arizona State Library

Yahoo: Libraries - many categories


National Library Websites

British Library

Library of Congress (US)

National Archives (US)

National Library of Australia

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