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Information Architecture Section: Web Development Tools

Before selecting web development tools, consider the following questions:

Content Management Systems

From Drupal to Wordpress, there are many options for web development that go beyond raw coding and design tools.

Many libraries are moving to open course content management systems (CMS) because they provide low cost, easy-to-maintain tools for website development.

Many libraries are using a combination of traditional web development tools and CMS. For instance, while maintaining their regular website, some libraries are also using the Springshare's LibGuides service.

Verbit, Daniel & Kline, Vickie L. (July 2011). Libguides: a cms for busy librarians. Computers in Libraries, 21- 25.

Drupal and Wordpress are popular choices. Read two articles that show how two libraries made the change to a CMS.

Skalkos, Lia (May 2012). Migrating the Barnard library zone collection website to Drupal. Computers in Libraries, 12-15. This library switched to Drupal.

Moreland, Sharon (February 2009). My Kansas library on the web. Computers in Libraries, 15-18. This library switched to Wordpress.

You might be thinking... why learn about raw coding or Dreamweaver if I'm going to use a content management system (CMS)? While CMS do a great job providing a basic framework, users spend lots of time tweaking the templates and making adjustments in the system. To do this, coding skills are necessary.

The most comment adjustments are made to the CSS code in the templates that are provided by the system or downloaded from free template websites.

Open Source Authoring Tools

Although Adobe Dreamweaver would be the choice of most web developers, it's costly. If you're searching for an open-source solution. For instance, KompoZer is an open-source WYSIWYG web editor that was designed to be easy to use and does not require extensive knowledge of html or CSS to use.

Explore Comparison of HTML editors to examine other options for HTML development.

Online Help for KompoZer

How to Design and Publish Your Website with KompoZer by Christopher Heng. Beginning here, you can work your way through a series of ten online tutorials.

KompoZer from Wikipedia

Free and Inexpensive Accessories

Whether conducting website validation or building website content using a screen recording program, you'll want to develop a list of practical tools to help in web development.

For instance, many web developers use the tools from TechSmith for screen recording and video editing. Camtasia is a simple screen recorder.

Pretlow, Cassi (June 2008). 10 web tools to create user-friendly sites. Computers in Libraries, 14-17.


Sheehan, Kate (February 2009). Creating open source conversion. Computers in Libraries, 8-11. This article focuses on using Drupal.

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