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Dreamweaver Section: Basics

Adobe Dreamweaver is part of the Adobe CS Suite of applications. It's available free to IUPUI students. Go to IUWare to download this application.

Rather than including step-by-step instructions for using Dreamweaver, we're going to provide some good print and online resources. Keep in mind that the best resources are included with the software. Check out the software-based manual under the HELP menu.

Step-by-Step Instructions

try itTryIt! Online Training
 is available through IUPUI for free. You'll need to go through the IUPUI IT Training website to gain access to full version of Lynda. Follow the directions to login. You'll see ALL COURSE. Under SOFTWARE choose + VIEW MORE. Then, choose Dreamweaver.

try itTry It!
Go to the Adobe website. They have lots of great articles and videos to expand your skills.

Start at the Learn Dreamweaver CS6 video series.
To learn more about CSS, go to Understanding CSS basics.

Read the following articles to learn about the basics of Dreamweaver.
Building your first website – Part 1: Set up your site and project files 
Creating your first website - Part 2: Creating the page layout
Creating your first website - Part 3: Adding content to pages

Adobe Resources
Dreamweaver Support
Dreamweaver Developer Center
Dreamweaver Help

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