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Dreamweaver Section: Practice

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Work your way through the course textbook. If you're looking for another activity with different approach, try using the following model project. You can adapt the page to fit your needs.

Getting Started

Let's begin by creating a folder on your computer and downloading sample files.

Now, we'll open Dreamweaver and explore the sample files.

Let's examine the Index.htm document.

Modifying the Sample Page

Let's make some changes in this page.

Modifying the Page Code

Notice that there are three ways to view this page: Code, Split, or Design. Let's make changes to the Code of the page.

Exploring the CSS File

A Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is used to dictate both the layout of the page and the "look and feel" of aspects such as fonts and images.

Creating Additional Pages

Let's create additional pages.


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