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Website Management Section: Maintenance

You need a mechanism in place to handle the ongoing needs of your website including new content and revisions.

Read Evaluate and Maintain to learn about some of the issues in website maintenance. Also read Maintaining a Web Site: You've Launched Your Organization's Site -- Now What? by J. Cravens.

Let's explore ongoing maintenance and error detection.

Ongoing Maintenance

Make website updating a regular part of web development. You can do this by creating a schedule for the entire website or focusing on high-traffic areas.

Wisniewski, Jess (June 2008). Fast and easy website tuneups. Computers in Libraries, 25-26. Create your own list of maintenance ideas.


Error Detection

There's nothing more frustrating for your users than link rot. This occurs when URLs become outdated or change. With hundreds or even thousands of links on your pages, how do you keep up?

Email Requests

Be sure to include an email address contact on every page of the website. Encourage people to email changes, updates, or link rot.

Page Helpers

Consider using volunteers to help keep particular area up-to-date. Like the Adopt-A-Highway program to keep roadsides clearn, many webmasters use the Adopt-A-Page approach. Students, parents, or volunteers can provide updates or suggestions for particular pages of interest. For example, a person interested in gardening may volunteer to keep this Pathfinder updated.

Change Detectors

An automated system can save you time in detecting link rot. On the other hand, if you have thousands of links, it can also be overwhelming.

Read Web Page Change Detection Services by Steven Bell. The article discusses five products for detecting changes in the website: InfoMinder, TrackEngine,,, and Website-Watcher.



After living in a house for a while, you may start thinking about things you could change or expand. Maybe it's adding a new room for a baby or building a patio.

Maintaining a website is important, but if you want people to continue to visit you need to enhance your web presence.

Simple Enhancements

Start with simple enhancements. When you first build a website you don't have time for elaboration. Try these ideas:

Elaborate Enhancements

If you have time, consider larger projects that will really impact use of your website. Try these ideas:

Ekart, Donna F. (March 2011). Tech tips for a virtual spring cleaning. Computers in Libraries, 36-37.


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