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Website Management Section: Share Your Site

Once your website is online you'll want to increase your traffic by submitting your website for inclusion in the search engines. This process takes some patience, but it will be worth it down the road.

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Search Tools on Your Site

As your website grows, it becomes more difficult to locate information. It's a good idea to provide users with a search tool. If you run a large website you may develop your own search engine. However in most cases, you'll probably use an existing resources.

Google is the most commonly used search tool. The direction below were copied from Google.

If you want visitors to find things easily within your web pages, add Google Free site search as well as web search. Just copy and paste the boxed code into your site, then replace the words "YOUR DOMAIN NAME," which appears three times in the code, with your own website's actual domain name

Search Engine Submission Groups

Although most of the search engine submission groups charge a fee, many have a small free section. You may have to look for the free link on their page, but it's there somewhere.

They will add you to the top 14 search engines; watch for ads and fees

Individual Submissions

You can also submit your website on your own by going directly to the search engines. Yahoo and Google should be your first stops. Keep in mind that submitting your website for inclusion is different than paid advertising. You'll probably just want to register your website so it can be found by the search engine.

You can also submit your website on your own by going directly to the search engines. Yahoo: Suggest a Site and Google: Suggest a Site should be your first stops.

Go to the Google Business Solutions page for more information on the services Google offers - many for FREE! You may wish use the Google Custom Search Engine.


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