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Information Architecture Section

Anyone can create a functioning web page. However, it takes thought and planning to create an effective, efficient, and appealing web site. There are both content and technical aspects of web development. In other words, the website must contain quality information. In addition, the website must function effectively in order for the user to find this information.

Information for the web can be anything that can be stored and retrieved electronically. Although you might think of websites containing text and graphics, there are many other possibilities including audio, video, and animation.

Helgren, Jamie E. & Lietzau, Zeth (September 2011). U.S. public and web technologies: what's happening now? Computers in Libraries, 12-16. Think about what's happening with library websites.

Pressley, Lauren & Gilbertson, Kevin (May 2011). Librarians as experts. Using the web to assert our value. Computers in Libraries, 19-23. Consider the importance of quality content in library websites.

You might be interested in developing a web page, web project, or a web site. A page is a single web document. Web projects generally contains a series of web pages. A web site is a comprehensive system of related web pages, projects, databases, and/or resources.

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Thanks to Bill Henning and Krystal McReynolds for help with the earlier versions of this course and website.

Thanks to Peter Morville & Louis Rosenfeld for ideas adapted from Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, 3rd edition.

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