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Dynamic Websites Section

There are many advanced web development tools and approaches you might want to incorporate as you expand your website and may it more engaging for visitors.

How are you addressing the dynamic, interactive aspect of the web?

We've explored the basics of web development, but there's much more to learn. Advanced applications involve using a variety of technologies together. Many open-source resources are available for you to modify and use.

Before adding an enhancement to your website, ask yourself the following questions:

From online quizzes to voting, you can build a website that can do practically anything. Rather than developing materials from scratch, consider adapting coding. Many people write code for fun. You can find and repurpose this code for your own use.

Many Internet Service Providers provide access to free scripts and CGIs. Check with your service provider for options. Also, keep in mind that there are many widgets that can be added to enhance your project. Go to Widgets from High Tech Learning for lots of examples.

Woodard, Amber (September 2009). From zero to Web 2.0. Computers in Libraries, 41-42.

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