JavaScript can make your website more interactive and dynamic. The scripts are set to execute when something happens such as when the mouse moves over a button. They can even change the content of an HTML element.

readRead JavaScript - General Introduction for some background information.

readComplete the Introduction to JavaScript from W3 Schools.

JavaScript Lingo

Here's some technical language that might be useful as your learning JavaScript basics.

What is the Difference between DHTML and JavaScript?

DHTML (Dynamic HTML) can make your pages come alive. DHTML scripts are written in languages including JavaScript. It's really just a combination of techniques (i.e., JavaScript, HTML, and CSS) to make web pages dynamic. Some people consider DHTML as an advanced form of JavaScript. DHTML scripts are compatible with the newest generation of browsers while older JavaScript are sometimes incompatible with new browsers. However, DHTML is not a standard defined by W3C.

readSkim Dynamic Drive for more information and DHTML scripts.

readExplore the DHTML Tutorial from W3Schools.

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