If you've got Dreamweaver, you don't need to know anything about JavaScripts to use them for simple applications. Let's start with some of the automated options available in Dreamweaver. Then, you can adapt these scripts for other purposes.


Create simple rollovers using the following menus and options - Insert>Image Objects>Rollover Image in Dreamweaver.

Go to Minerals in Food for an example of using Dreamweaver JavaScripts for simple rollovers in a tutorial. Notice that the directions are in italics.

Go to Rocks in Our World for an example of using rollovers to check answers.

To build your own interactive page using photos and correct/incorrect answer graphics:

Adapt Rollovers

You may not get exactly the results you wish using the standard Dreamweaver options. For example, you might want students to click on the photo rather than roll over the photo. You'll need to edit the JavaScript, however you don't need to know everything about JavaScript to make a small change.

To change your mouse rollovers to mouseclicks:

Navigation Bars

Another JavaScript that comes with Dreamweaver is the navigation bar option. You'll need to create buttons in Fireworks or use buttons you find online. If you want them to look interesting, you'll have three different versions of your buttons: mouseup, mouseover, and mousedown.

To add a navigation bar to your Landmarks project:

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