Adobe Flash has become a very popular tool for creating web content. Although Flash is a package that takes some effort to learn, the results are very professional and visually attractive.

Approaches to Flash Use

There are two ways that Flash can be used within a website. First, elements can be integrated into the design of the website. Second, stand-alone documents can be created and played.

Design Elements

Flash is increasingly being used to develop visual components for a website. Many websites provide a Flash-enhanced entry page. Flash is also used for interesting banners, animated diagrams, and interactive menus.

Stand-Alone Documents

Flash is also effective for creating stand-alone projects such as animations, simulations, slide shows, tours, games, and quizzes. These applications can be links or embedded into a page.

Player Software

FlashThe downside of using Flash is the need for the Flash player software. Many websites provide two versions of a page, one enhanced and one traditional. Always provide a link to the Adobe Flash Player so end users can download the latest version of the software.

Go to Flash from eduscapes for lots of examples and guidelines for learning the software.

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