Many websites incorporate presentations. Although there are many packages to create presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint is most popular.

PowerPoint on the Web

There are three ways to integrate PowerPoint presentations into your website: documents, stand-alone presentations, and web pages.


You may wish to upload the original PowerPoint files to the web. This is useful if you've created templates, presentation starters, or presentations that are intended to be modified. The problem with this approach is that the end user must have PowerPoint to open these files. In addition, the files may be large. You may wish to compress very large files using software such as StuffIt.

Stand-Alone Presentations

If the presentations are only intended to be played and not modified, you can save the files for playback only. You can also provide a player version of the files. Keep in mind that the end user will not be able to modify the file. One advantage is that the file sizes are smaller than the original files.

Web Pages

It's also possible to export the presentation as a web page. Not all browsers will play these exported files, so be sure to indicate the browser requirements. In addition, be sure that all elements are uploaded since the slides are saved as individual web pages within an auto- generated folder.

Creating the Link

powerpointBe sure to tell your end user what file type is being provided and what software may be needed to open or run the file. Also consider indicating the size of the file. It's also a good idea to tell end users to right-click and save a document. Otherwise the document will be presented in the browser window.


If you want to adapt the following files, you need to download them to your computer. DO NOT just click on them. Instead, right-click and choose Save as Target (or Save Link As). Then, choose Save. Open the files within PowerPoint.
• American Civil War Project Starter: Civil War 1 (PPT), Civil War 2 (PPT).

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