Blog stands for web log. A blog contains a series of entries listed chronologically with the most recent entries at the top of the page. The content of blogs varies from news and information to book reviews and event announcements. Some blogs are created by individuals while others are intended to be collaborative. For example, some book clubs use blogs to post their favorite books or post discussion questions.

Go to the Castilleja School Library Blog. What makes this blog effective?

Many blogs are open to the public, while others are password protected. Blogs often allow some or all users to post comments, add to discussions, or share ideas. Keep in mind that blogging is time-consuming. Most blogs are quickly abandoned. Before you jump into the creation of a blog consider it's maintenance!

Let's look at a few library blogs:

Software and Online Tools

If you can add blogging software to your website server, then try the open source Word Press software. It's easy to install and use. In addition, you can add your institution's logo and colors.

If you don't control your website server, consider one of the many free services. An easy tool for creating blogs is which is affiliated with Google.

Keep in mind that a blog doesn't necessarily need to be text-based. Explore the options at Scrapblog and HyperComics as examples of alternative approaches to this technology. Both of these tools are visual and allow comments like traditional blogs. Check out my NCCE scrapblog.

Also, consider adding audio to your blog to create podcasts. Explore the multimedia technology section of this website to learn more about creating multimedia blogs.

It's easy to connect a blog to your website, simply add a link to your blog on your website navigation area.

Blogs to Explore

Before creating your own blog, it's a good idea to explore existing blogs and think about the mission of your blog.

readExplore award winning blogs at the Bloggies and Edublog Awards.

Skim Blogging from escrapbooking and Learning Spaces: Blogging, Podcasting, and Vlogging from High Tech Learning.

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