An increasing number of tools can be used to expand your projects. The larger and more complicated your site becomes, the more likely you are to seek out additional help and resources. Unfortunately, additional funding may not be available to provide assistance or purchase software. Consider open source solutions or free services.

Open Source Solutions. Open-source software generally involves no additional cost for software. However the developers often provide little support so this software may take a little more time to implement that other solutions. SourceForge is a site containing a repository of Open Source code.

check means readRead Freedom or Nightmare? The Implications of Open Source Software by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson. This article provides lots of information and ideas for open source solutions.

Free Services. You may also seek out free, web-based tools. Use caution when relying on outside sources for services such as blogs and surveys. In many cases the services move from free to subscription. Also consider that these sites may include advertising. Look at the "about" page for the service and determine how they are funded. If they're a non-profit, educational group, it's likely that they have the needs of young people and libraries in mind.

If you choose to use a service rather than housing your own software, keep in mind that these services may simply disappear one day. Be ready with a back-up system. Most of these services provide a way to download a backup of all data.

Optional Reading - Read Chapter 16: Tools and Software in Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, 3rd edition by Peter Morville & Louis Rosenfeld.

readRead Chapter 17 by Rob Huddleston in HTML, XHTML, & CSS.

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There are many other places where you can locate software and resources to add to your project.

Dynamic Drive. A source for free, original DHTML scripts and components. Lots of Javascripts.

HotScripts. Explore a huge collection of PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript, and ASP scripts.

MySQL. Opensource database software.

SourceForge. A repository of Open Source code.

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