Not everyone is able to create webpages from scratch. You don't need to learn HTML or even how to use a web development tool to create simple web pages. Tools are available for librarians, teachers, and students.

Consider having novice developers use the following tools. Then, link from your website to the resources developed by contributors. This is a way for students and teachers to add content to the website without the hassle of housing this content on your web server. This is particularly useful when developing projects such as WebQuests that use a template. It's much easier for teacher to use QuestGarden than to create their own pages from scratch.

Librarian Tools

A few "fill-in-the-blank" tools are available for librarians. Once popular tool is provided below:

HomeMaker for Libraries - A great "fill-in-the-blank" tool for creating library web pages.

Teacher Tools

Many teachers choose to start by using a web page creation tool and free hosting service. Try the following services. You simply fill-in-the blanks and a web page is created for you. You'll even get a password so you can update the website.

Filamentality - Choose from five different formats

Teachers.Net - Although they don't house the website, they have a template for creating pages and will email them to you.

Web Wizard - Simply follow the directions and fill in the blanks.

QuestGarden - Tool for making webquests.

Scholastic Homepage Builder - Easy to use resources for classroom pages.

SchoolNotes - Popular service for teachers

Your Homework - Basic web page and custom homework

Student Tools

There are also tools for students to create their own free web pages. Although these free services are easy to use, they can have drawbacks. Some of these services have come, been transformed and disappeared, or may lack the flexibility you might desire. Therefore a teacher might wish to have students create their own pages from scratch.

Explore the following tools:

GoogleSites - Anyone including kids can create and post their work. GoogleSites Help provides tutorial instruction.

Project Poster from 4teachers - This is a fill-in-the blank tool for students.

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