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Course Materials: Calendar

Examine the schedule below. The first column contains dates. The second column contains activities you should work on during the week indicated by the date. The third column showns specific assignments that are due on the date indicated in the first column.

Note on Due Dates: All assignments are due by MIDNIGHT on the dates listed. A couple extra hours beyond midnight is okay if you're working late or have computer problems. One advantage of this type of course is flexibility. However based on my experiences teaching online, it's important to establish due dates. The due dates are provided to ensure that all students are successful in this course. Please let me know if you need to change these dates because of personal or professional responsibilities. If you email me before an assignment is due, I'm happy to give you a couple additional days to complete an assignment because of personal or professional reasons. Otherwise, deductions will be made for late work.

Spring 2018

Suggested Activities
Assignments Due
Mon Jan 8
Get an IUPUI network account to use Canvas
Explore course materials
Explore Canvas and set up Profile.
Introduce yourself activity.
Jan 8
Read Overview and watch video.
Read Audio, Video & Libraries, Information Seekers, and Locating Sources.

Canvas Profile
Introduce Yourself Due
(Canvas Discussion)
Jan 16
Read Resource Types and watch video.
Read Audio, Spoken Word, and Music.
Experience 1
Jan 22
Read Video, Video Types, and Interactive Media. Experience 2
Jan 29
Read Collections and watch video.
Read Humanities and Social Sciences.
Experience 3
Feb 5
Read Science & Technology and Business. Specto 1 Due
Feb 12
Read Management and watch video.
Read Building Collections and Selecting Sources.
Specto 1 Reply Due
Feb 19
Read Acquiring Sources and Managing Sources. Specto 2 Due
Feb 26
Read Production and watch video.
Read Original Productions.
Specto 2 Reply
Experience 4
Mar 5
Read Commons & Makerspaces and Student Productions. Specto 3 Due
Experience 5
Mar 12
Spring Break
Mar 19

Read Planning & Recording, Editing & Disseminating.

Experience 6
Specto 3 Reply Due
Mar 26
Read Use and watch video.
Read Advisory Services and Media Literacy.
Specto 4 Due
Apr 2
Read Audio Use, Video Use, Game Use. Experience 7
Specto 4 Reply Due
Apr 9
Read Book Connections. Experience 8
Apr 16
  Specto 5 Due
Apr 23
  Specto 5 Reply Due
Experience 9
Apr 27
  Experience Reflection
Procrastinator's Last Day
April 30
  Course Evaluation Due
Lamb Turns in Grades

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