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s621 Audio and Video Sources

Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI)
School of Informatics and Computing - Dept. of Library and Information Science

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Whether you’re interested in coordinating multimedia makerspaces and video game clubs in a public library, directing a Digital Media Commons in an academic library, creating movie trailers with students and promoting audiobook reading in school libraries, or coordinating audio and video collections in special libraries, this course is for you.

From circulating feature films and jazz music to creating podcasts and original video programming, librarians are involved with a wide range of digital audio and video sources. This three-graduate hour course focuses on decision making involving digital audio, video, and interactive media including video games in library settings. This includes collection development, management, production, and use. Issues such as access, marketing, copyright, and censorship will be discussed. Listening and viewing advisory services, multimedia literacy as well as integration of audio and video resources in all library settings will be explored. Tools and techniques for producing and disseminating audio and visual elements will be examined.

This course explores both the theory and practice involved with audio and video sources.

Catalog Description

This course provides a user-focused approach to decision making in the digital audio and video information environment. It emphasizes collection development in support of user services, including access to remote collections and evaluation of multimedia materials and delivery mechanisms, and issues related to emerging technologies. The scope includes adult and young adult audiences.

This course will expand your thinking about the integral role of audio and video resources in a comprehensive school, academic, public library and/or special library setting. The course will be taught entirely online including web-based readings and resources, threaded discussions, plus online presentations containing text, audio, and video. Choices allow graduate students with varied backgrounds and interests to select activities that meet their professional needs.

Instructor Information

Name - Annette Lamb, Ph.D.
Address – P.O. Box 206  Teasdale, Utah 84773
Email - or
Lamb Voice Mail and Fax – Email me for my phone number or to arrange a video conference
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Complete Syllabus

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