Science and Technology: Archives, Libraries, and Museums

Archives, libraries, and museums are sources of useful information in science and technology. While some materials are available online, it may be useful to contact the institution directly for specific questions.

Archives and Libraries

Science and technology libraries and archives are valuable sources of information.

Government Libraries

County and State Science Libraries

Library of Congress

History of Science and Technology

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Go to the National Library of Medicine and the National Agricultural Library. Compare their libraries. How do these libraries reflect the needs of their users? Share three examples.

Digital Collections

Useful digital collections can be found at archives, libraries, and museums.

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Explore at least 6 of the collections listed above. Choose two. Then, compare and contrast their collections, resources, and approaches to sharing. List the names and URLs of the two collections. Share your comparison is a few sentences.


Museums related specifically to the sciences include:

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Do a Google search for a museum focusing on a science and technology topic such as a medical museum or science museum and locate their website. Do they have a library or archives? Is it open to the public? Can requests be made? List the museum, the URL, and your findings.

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