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Discipline-specific technology resources can be difficult to locate. Incorporate the media type into your search such as the words mobile apps or images.

Mobile Apps

Business mobile apps are very popular. While most of these apps are related to productivity, there are an increasing number of reference and other information source apps being produced.

Commercial Mobile Apps

Productivity tools include apps related to writing, spreadsheets, databases, and file management. They may also be related to project planning and organization. Many apps help users with specific types of writing such as proposals and resumes. Enterprise apps are particularly popular with some business sectors. Many business professionals are also looking for team communication and collaboration tools.

Finance is one of the biggest apps areas. From banking and credit apps to stocks and financial news, there's an app for every topic. Money management and consumer apps are popular with many every day consumers as well as business people.

Networking apps are important in many areas of business including social media tools and video conferencing. Job and career apps keep business people up-to-date.

Learning apps are associated with some business areas such as learning computer programming, foreign languages, specialty tools, or management skills.

Many Point-of-Sale Apps exist to help merchants, retailers, and others with everyday sales activities. Tools like Square Register and Paypal help even very small businesses manage mobile purchases.

Some apps focus on starting and expanding small businesses. An increasing number of "home business" and "home marketing" tools are available such as Etsy, eBay, and others.

In addition, many business people read business magazines using their mobile devices. Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fast Company, Wired, and Entreprenuer are a few examples.

Business people are increasingly producing apps for use by their customers. For instance, retail catalog apps can be downloaded from companies like Toys "R" Us, IKEA, and Oriental Trading.

Government Mobile Apps

Below are examples of government produced mobile apps available through iTunes. Many of these apps are also available for other operating systems. Go to US Government Mobile Apps for a master list.

Scenario Stumper
I'm interested in tracking my tax information and the status of my refund. Where do I go?
IRS2Go by the Internal Revenue Service is an app you can download for up-to-date information on the status of your refund. You can also find out where you can get tax assistance and receive tips.
The Bottom Line... increasingly the federal government is moving their services online through the use of mobile apps.

General Business

Specific Areas

Scenario Stumper
I use biodiesel in my truck. I know the local areas where it's available. However, I'd like an easy way to locate biodiesel when I'm traveling. Ideas?
The Alternative Fueling Station Locator by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory is an easy-to-use app for locating fueling stations for vehicles running on electricity, natural gas, biodiesel, E85, and hydrogen.
The Bottom Line... increasingly mobile apps are a quick, portable way to locate information.

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Download a mobile app in a discipline related to the course. If you don't own a mobile device, find a friend who does. You need to know how this works! Review the app. What do you think? How might it be useful as an information source? Who's the audience? Share your findings.


Online Tools

Discipline-specific online tools can be found in some areas of science. Explore the online tools from Wolfram as examples.

Read Silver, Breezy D. & Weessies, Kathleen W. (2014). Online mapping tools for entrepreneurs. Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship, 19(2), 142-154.



Financial Calculators and Conversions

Social Media

Many social network sites have been established for individuals interested in particular areas of business. However, most of these sites make use of the popular online tools like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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Go to Pinterest. Brainstorm how this social media tool could be used in one of the humanities areas.

Sources of Business Information


Images can be found in every area of business.

Open Access Collections


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Browse the image collections. Select a topic and search for additional image collections associated with your topic. List a few of your favorite collections.

Audio and Video

Both audio and video are important to many areas of business.


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Explore the resources provided. Also, conduct your own searches. State the general business topic and information need. Then, share a photograph, infographic, other image of your choice, audio, AND video all related to the same topic (or general area). You can share the actual media document or a link. How do they each provide a different perspective on the topic.

Open Access


Websites can be found in every area of business. A few are listed below:

General Business Information

Each year, the Business Reference and Services Section of RUSA recognizes the best of business websites. Browse the 2015 BRASS Best of the Best Business Websites.

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Explore the criteria for selection of reference sources at Criteria for Selection of MARS Best Reference Websites. Go the BRASS Best of the Best page to see past business website winner. List a business website you think should be on this list and why.

General Business

Financial Literacy

International Business


News Sources

Content Resources

Career Exploration

College Exploration

Read Phillips, Ryan L. (2014). An analysis of small business assistance websites: content and delivery. Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship, 19(2), 125-141.

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Create your own list of favorite websites in each area.

Corporate and Industry Websites

One of the most effective approaches to gathering business information is the use of corporate and industry websites. Rather than simply browsing, try locating their online library, media relations, pressroom. These pages contain grey literature and often multimedia sources such as images, audio, and video. Explore the following examples:

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Explore the press and newsrooms provided. Then, conduct your own search. Share your findings. List the company press/newsroom URL and briefly describe its contents.

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