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Course Calendar

Examine the schedule below.

One advantage of this type of course is flexibility. However based on my experiences teaching online, it's important to establish due dates. The due dates are provided to ensure that all students are successful in this course. Please let me know at the beginning of the semester if you need to change these dates because of personal or professional responsibilities. If you don’t complete the work by the end of the semester, you will fail. An incomplete grade is only offered in extraordinary situations when at least 75% of the course assignments have been completed.

Summer 2018

Suggested Activities
To Do Reminders
Firm Due
Tue May 8
Get an IUPUI network account to use Canvas
Explore course materials
Explore Canvas and set up Profile.
Watch the Course Introduction Video.
May 8
Read Starting Points.
Read Humanities: Starting Points.
Skills Log Introduce Yourself
May 16
Read Info Seekers.
Read Humanities: Info Seekers.
Skills Log

May 23
Read Research Guides.
Read Humanities: Research Guides.
Skills Log
Tweet/Stump 1
May 30
Read Reference Sources.
Read Humanities: Reference Sources.
Skills Log Tweet/Stump 2
Project 1 Due
WhizQuiz 1 Due
June 6
Read Books & Ebooks.
Read Humanities: Books & Ebooks.
Skills Log
Tweet/Stump 3
Project 1 Replies Due
June 13
Read Gov't Documents.
Read Humanities: Gov't Documents.
Skills Log
Tweet/Stump 4
Tw/St 1-4 Due
June 20
Read Periodicals & Databases.
Read Humanities: Periodicals.
Skills Log
Tweet/Stump 5
WhizQuiz 2 Due
June 27
Read Bibliographies.
Read Humanities: Bibliographies.
Skills Log
Project 2 Due
July 5
Read Grey Literature.
Read Humanities: Grey Literature.
Skills Log
Tweet/Stump 6
Project 2 Replies Due
July 11
Read ArchsLibsMus.
Read Humanities: ArchsLibs.
Skills Log
Tweet/Stump 7
Project 3 Due
WhizQuiz 3 Due
July 18
Read Technology Resources.
Read Humanities: Tech Resources.
Skills Log
Tweet/Stump 8
Tw/St 5-8 Due
Project 3 Replies Due
July 25
WhizQuiz 4 Due
Skills Log Due
August 1
    Project 4 Due
August 3
This is a firm date!   Project 4 Replies Due
Procrastinator’s Last Chance
August 6
Lamb Turns in Grades!   Course Evaluation Due


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