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Course Materials: Bridge Assignment

You must complete 15 activities to receive 30 points. Each item is worth 2 points. You need to pick 15 activities from the 55 listed including at least one from each of the 10 sections. However, the final five can be from any section.

Your assignment will be uploaded to the ASSIGNMENT area of Canvas. Turn in a single document containing the letter of the activity such as "B5" along with the required elements. These assignments are intended to be very short. You'll get 2 points if you successfully address the requirement. If you're missing elements, you'll get 1-1.5 points depending on the missing elements.

In some cases, the activity asks you to go to a specific page or article. You should find this information on the section page indicated.

Although the calendar identified two "recommended" dates for completing activities, they will be graded all at once on the due date.

Digital Libraries 1: Overview

Digital Libraries 2: Collection Development and Digital Preservation

Digital Libraries 3: Digital Objects

Digital Libraries 4: Organization and Representation of Information

Digital Libraries 5: Information Architecture

Digital Libraries 6: Information Access and Use

Digital Libraries 7: Digital Library Services

Digital Libraries 8: Management and Evaluation

Digital Libraries 9: Issues

Digital Libraries 10: Futures

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