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Interactives, Gaming, and Computer-based Simulations

Design a panda habitat

Find your way north on the Underground Railroad

Make a vaccine

Increasingly, online courses are using online games and simulations. Many of these interactives use Adobe Flash technology.

Examples of Interactives and Computer-based Simulations

Explore lots of examples by subject area at Flash Exploration.

Explore examples of tools:

Explore examples of tutorials and simulations:

Explore examples of off-line games that could be turned into online games:

Learn more at Learning Spaces: Interactives from High Tech Learning.

Learn more about Flash Technology from Flash Multimedia (A 1.5hr SLIS 603 workshop).

Interactives are computer-based exploration and learning environments that involve computer-human interaction.

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Explore interactives for learning.

List the pros and cons of incorporating this type of technology into online course activities.

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