Teacher Tap

Tests and Examinations

Traditional testing situations often call for simple sentence completion activities. Move your testing to a higher level by asking students to synthesize information and draw conclusions.

Ideas to increase the thinking required in testing situations:


Test Preparation

It's helpful to provide students with assistance when preparing for testing situations.

Review. Provide a review guide with key ideas and resources. Explore examples of study and review materials

Practice. Provide practice questions, sample tests, and answer keys. Explore examples of practice tests:

Test Development

When designing a test, match the type of test item with the learning outcome and course content. Options include:

True/False. Students identify an item as true or false.

Matching. Students match items.

Multiple Choice. Students identify the correct answer.

Short Answer. Students construct a short response.

Essay. Students construct a a long response.

Test Administration

Testing can be a problem in online courses. Think about how the tests will be administered. Options include:

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