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I like the way information is chunked into manageable units of information.
The audio introductions provide a great overview to each section of the program.
Webcomics are a fun format for the case studies.

Beyond traditional textbook readings, online course materials can actively engage learners in information and ideas. Whether you're planning a high school class, a business management course for MBA students, a technology workshop for teachers, or a middle school science unit, your mission is the same. You want all students will be successful regardless of their prior experiences with distance learning technologies.

Rather than trying to make traditional courses fit into a new format, take this opportunity to build the course of your dreams without the restrictions of tables, chairs, and four walls.

course content

Start with the core knowledge, skills, attitudes, and dispositions, then decide what structure, elements, and formats will best meet your needs. Think about how your traditional print content transfers to a virtual environment and how to take advantage of the web-based format.

exampleExplore Examples
Many libraries are developing content-rich websites that can be used by patrons as part of online learning experiences as well as for help with basic reference questions.

Check out some content examples from the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County including BizLink, BookHive, Charlotte-Meckenburg Story, HealthLink Plus, Reader's Club, StoryPlace, and Read to Me, Charlotte.

Explore examples of live library programs at PLCMC. Can you think of ways that these could be adapted for the online learning environment?

Read the following pages to select the structure, elements, and formats you'll use for course content:

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