Teacher Tap

Motion Elements

Consider the use of animation and video to bring content alive.

For instance, the YouTube video on the right provides a great introduction to how wikis work.

Ideas for Integration

Existing Video Content

Original Video Content

PowerPoint Slides

slide 1PowerPoint slides can be very boring. Think about ways to spice things up through the use of charts, graphs, photos, audio, and other elements.

Look at the slide on the right. How could you "spice it up" so that the content is more engaging?


An increasing number of faculty are sharing their video work online. Use the following starting points for ideas:

Explore how video is used in the following courses:

Explore how animation is used:

exampleExplore Examples
The Media Center at the New York Public Library provides video, audio clips, and other multimedia materials including Blogs, Videos & Publications. Explore some of their programs. How could these types of experiences be incorporated into an online learning program?

Check out a few of the online video lectures at Open Yale Courses from Yale University. Consider the program length and effectiveness of the instruction. Do you prefer entire video lectures or shorter video clip sections?

Learn more about Video and Animation from High Tech Learning.

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