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Multimedia, Animation, and Slideshow Elements

Flash-based multimedia projects may incorporate many different components including text graphics, audio, animation, and video.

Many faculty members turn their PowerPoint presentations into animations, slideshows, or videos. Think about how you could use the elements of text, graphics, audio, and video to enhance these types of presentations.

Examine the following example of Flash-based multimedia projects:

For lots of examples of Flash-based learning environments, go to Flash Exploration.

Learn more about Flash from Flash Multimedia.

PowerPoint. If you want to run your PowerPoint presentations on the web, open the PowerPoint document. Pull down the file menu and select Save as Web Page. Or, just upload them as PowerPoint files. You can also save them as movies or Flash documents.

Website Resources. Many professional quality websites provide useful informational resources for teaching and learning. Think about those web-based resources that all students should know. For instance, what are the "classics" in the field of education such as PBS and Scholastic?

Also, consider professional organization websites such as ASCD or IDEA . Or, specific websites focusing on topics of interest such as Stop Bullying Now and Hands Symphony and Hands Only CPR. Project sites such as The Week in Rap might also be useful.

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