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man  in bathrobeCourse Discussion: Management

It's great teaching in a bathrobe. However there's more to managing courses than designing cool activities.

Once you have a sense for the discussions you wish to hold, think about how they will be organized and presented within your course management system.

Some instructors prefer to setup all discussion forums at the beginning of the semester. Others add new forums as they emerge on the course schedule.

ExampleExplore Examples
Check out the Book Buzz Virtual Book Club from the Toronto Public Library. Examine how they manage their program and the online discussions.

Categorize Online Discussions

Categorize discussions within a course by function such as general area, introduce yourself, practice, post/reply forums, or collaboration.

Class Discussion Areas

Consider a general discussion area that can be used throughout the course. Discussion topics might include:

Collaboration Areas

Designate an area for collaborative planning and discussion. Discussion topics might include:

Discussion Areas

Identify an area to be used for formal, graded discussions. Discussion topics might include:

Tips for Students

Provide tips for students making postings:

Read the Forums in Online Courses (PDF) for a review.

Categorize forums by function.
Consider whether to setup forums at the beginning of the course or add them as they are encountered on the schedule.

apply itApply It!
Create an organizational system for course discussions.

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