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Student at computerCourse Discussion: Participation

I can't think of anything to say.

Some students find course discussions difficult. Discussions can serve many purposes. Unfortunately, they rarely reach their goal without clear guidelines for student participation. Participants need to be aware of the purpose of the discussion and their role in making the discussion a success.

Develop Clear, Concise Guidelines for Participation

While some students find online discussions easy, others are easily frustrated. Provide students with suggestions that will help them become successful participants.

Below are helpful hints for students:

Some students need starters for their comments. Here are some ideas:

Encourage Probing Questions

Students may need help generating quality questions for their peers. Teach students to ask probing questions.

The following list can help you and your students extend the conversation through questioning:

Students need to be aware of the purpose of the discussion and their required role.

apply itApply It!
Create a set of guidelines for course discussions.

Be sure to include general suggestions as well as specific examples.

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