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Course Guides: Personal Guides and CourseQuests

While some students are likely to succeed with nothing more than a syllabus, course readings, and a list of requirements, others will need additional guidance as they navigate the course.

A Personal Guide: Announcements and Email Updates

While the course calendar will help students stay on track, it's nice for students to have the sense of a "personal assistant" guiding them through the course materials.

The "personal assistant" might:

Announcements on the entry page of the course management system can be used as a place to provide this "personal assistant" information.

Also, consider the use of periodic updates that go directly to the learner through email.

A CourseQuest

In addition to the personal guide, you might wish to create a CourseQuest. This is a separate web page(s) that serves as a guide through the course materials.

Rather than simply a list of resources or due dates, the materials are set up like a learning adventure. Modeled after the WebQuest philosophy developed by Bernie Dodge; a CourseQuest is an inquiry-based approach to learning that puts the course readings and activities into a context.

CourseQuests are a great way to

Explore a few examples:

Develop a personal assistant function or coursequest to guide learners through the course materials.

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Brainstorm ideas for a coursequest approach to your online course.
Why do you think this approach would or wouldn't work for your course?

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