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Course Guides: Production Scaffolds

Bernie Dodge developed idea for production scaffolds help learners create products. These helpers include

Demonstrations and How Tos

Many students need help in producing final products or demonstrating skills.

Explore examples of production scaffolds:

Screen Shots

If you're writing instructions for using online resources or software, consider incorporating screen shots. Here are the directions for making a graphic that can be pasted into a word processing document.

Macintosh Screen Capture. If you have Mac OSX, it's easy to use the built-in key commands for grabbing a screen.

If you have Mac OSX, you can also use the Grab Utility. This allows you to capture windows that are open.

Windows Screen Capture. The PRINT SCREEN key allows you to capture the Desktop or individual windows. You'll have to look for this key on your keyboard, it's placement varies with the type of keyboard.

To capture the entire screen:

To capture the current window on your screen:

Read Wrapping at Information Age Inquiry for more ideas.

Explore templates for creating Interdisciplinary Newsletters and Adapt Virtual Field Trips (scroll down page).

To learn more about production scaffolds, use the following external links:

Production scaffolds help learners create products.

apply itApply It!
Create step-by-step instructions for using a tools in your course such as the forums, wikis, blogs, or presentation software.

Use screen shots of the software or online tool to facilitate visual learning.

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