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Course Guides: Scaffolds for Learning

Scaffolding is framework used to support learning. Scaffolds may include course resources, "how-tos" for content or technical support, course procedures, or guidance in developing content-area knowledge and skills.


As you design your courses, ask yourself where scaffolding is essential. Consider:

Read Schools, Skills and Scaffolding on the Web by Bernie Dodge. This article defines scaffolding and provides examples of how it can be used in web-based learning experiences.

Scaffolds can provide learner support before, during, and after instruction. Bernie Dodge developed the idea of using reception, transformation, and production scaffolds in WebQuests.

Read the following three pages to learn about each type of scaffold:

Create reception, transformation, and production scaffolds to support learners throughout the course.

apply itApply It!
Create a list of scaffolds that might be useful in addressing different learning styles.

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