Teacher Tap

Teaching and Learning at a Distance

teen at computerDistance education is the process of connecting teachers and students with online resources, virtual communications, and remote activities as the primary means of instruction. Virtual learning environments allow students the flexibility to learn

This workshop is designed for instructional designers, faculty members, and other educators interested in developing online courses for middle school through college level.

It's also intended for librarians developing projects and programs for public and special libraries. From online book clubs to virtual events, the tools of distance learning can be applied to a broad range of library activities.

If you'd like guidance as you work your way through the materials, use the Workshop Materials option on the left navigation bar.

If you prefer to jump right in and learn, go directly to the Workshop Content and work your way through the course materials.

To learn about our graduate course offerings, go to IUPUI-SLIS online courses.

Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson


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