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Workshop Materials: The Requirements

This page provides a review of the basic requirements for the workshop.

Go to the Course Guide for specific assignments and the Course Calendar for specific dates.

Getting Started

This workshop is intended to be a practical approach to the skills needed to design online courses. Whether you're interested in the role of the instructional designer, educator, or librarian, this course is designed to be flexible enough to address the varied needs of anyone interested teaching and learning at a distance.

Keep in mind that this workshop contains participants with a wide variety of educational, work, life, and technology experience. Try not to compare yourself to others. Instead, focus on your own strengths and weaknesses.

One way to apply what you're reading is through the development of a real project. Select an online course you will be designing and/or teaching. Think about this project as you work your way through the materials.

Workshop Content

In the navigation bar on the left, you'll notice that the workshop is divided into a dozen sections. Within each section, you'll find links to a number of additional sub-sections. Be sure to read each page carefully. In some cases, you'll be directed to outside links. Explore, skim or read these resources to gain additional information as directed.

As you read the course contents, you'll find icons in yellow boxes.

When you see a yellow box with the title Reminder! and the icon on the left, be sure to read carefully. The items in the box are key concepts that you'll want to remember for discussions, assignments, and projects.

apply itApply It!
Some course content pages, contain a yellow box with the title Apply It! and the icon on the right. Please read the thought-provoking problem(s) or question(s). Although you're not required to turn in these assignments, they're great practice and will prepare you for the required activities. For instance, the starters for the required discussions are drawn from these items.

Workshop Requirements

You'll be participating in three types of assignments. These requirements will be outlined on the Workshop Guide.

small group activitiesCohort Collaborations
Get to know your classmates by Introducing Yourself in the Oncourse Forum area.
(2 Points)

discussionDeep Discussions
Throughout the workshop, you'll be asked to post discussion assignments as well as reply to your peers. Keep in mind that participating in a discussion involves much more than a simple comment or kudos to your friends.
(7 Assignments with 3 Points Each - 2 points posting and 1 point reply)

investigatePowerful Projects
You'll share what you've learned through your course project (27 points).
Content Requirement. Design the structure, selected content, and a course guide for an online course.
Technology Requirement. Focus on the technologies that you'd like to explore. For instance, you might want to create a WebQuest, record podcasts, build a course wiki, or produce a Flash tutorial. Learn the technology and build a module, lesson, or element for your online course.

Points Distribution (50 Points)

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