Examine the schedule below. The first column contains dates. The second column contains activities you should work on during the week indicated by the date. The third column showns specific assignments that are due on the date indicated in the first column.

Due Dates

One advantage of this type of course is flexibility. However based on my experiences teaching online, it's important to establish due dates. The due dates are provided to ensure that all students are successful in this course. Please let me know if you need to change these dates because of personal or professional responsibilities.

Tremor assignments require both a posting and a reply. The initial posting must be made BY the due date indicated below. TWO-THREE days is provided for making replies. Your instructor will not grade the postings/replies until TWO-THREE days after the due date to allow time for reflection and replies. Since these assignments are intended to be short-term, interactive assignments, late postings and replies WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED without prior arrangements.

All assignments are due by MIDNIGHT (Indianapolis Time) on the dates listed.
Time stamps will be according to the OnCourse server. If your computer is set to a different time than the server is, you may want to make a note of this and plan accordingly. Please do not forget Mr. Murphy and his law, either. If you are counting on being able to submit an assignment "in the nick of time," the chances of Murphy's law being put into play are quite high. I suggest that you allow a generous cushion of time when submitting assignments, just in case something goes wrong and you need some time to troubleshoot the problem.

Spring 2013 Course Calendar

Suggested Activities
Assignments Due
Mon Jan 7
Get an IUPUI network account to use Oncourse
Explore course materials
Explore Oncourse and set up Profile.
Introduce yourself activity.
Jan 7
Read Electronic Materials
Read Portals, Search Tools, and Starting Points
Read Educational Portals & Starting Points
Read Library Portals for Kids
Read Library Portals
Read Search Tools for Kids
Work on Tremor 1: Electronic Materials
Oncourse Profile
Introduce Yourself Due
(Introduce Yourself area
of Oncourse Forums)
Jan 14
Start the Shake 'Em Up CourseQuest
Read Pathfinders, Subject Guides, & Thematic Resources
Read Pathfinders Defined
Read Designing Pathfinders for Children and Young Adults
Read Pathfinder Links
Read Web Subject Guides and Thematic Resources for Children and Young Adults
Tremor 1: Electronic Materials Due
Jan 22
Read Electronic Databases and Reference Materials
Read Electronic Databases Defined
Read Electronic Database and References
Read Reference Materials on CD & DVD
Read Online Reference Materials
Read Daily Resources
Online News Sources
Multimedia Seeds
Read Visual Resources: Photos and Clip Art

Tremor 1 Reply Due
Tremor 2: Pathfinders Due

Jan 28
Read Nonfiction Resources
Read Electronic Materials on CD & DVD
Read Nonfiction Apps
Skim Content-Rich Websites
Skim Virtual Field Trips & Digital Libraries and Museums
Skim Classroom Pages
Skim School Pages
Skim School Library Pages
Skim Public Library
Skim Project Pages
Skim School Newspaper and Magazine Pages
Tremor 2 Reply Due
Tremor 3: Databases Due
Feb 4
Read Primary Resources
Read E-scrapbooking
Skim Primary Resources and Real-World Data

Tremor 3 Reply Due

Feb 11
Work on Pathfinder Project
Read Fiction Resources
Read E-Books, E-paper, and E-ink
Read Fiction Apps
Read Electronic Books
Read Transmedia Storytelling
Tremor 4: Nonfiction Due
Feb 18
Read Learning Resources on CD and DVDs
Read Learning Resources Apps
Read Learning Resources on the Web
Tremor 4 Reply Due
Pathfinder Project Due
Feb 25
Read Creativity Resources on CD and DVDs
Read Creativity Resources Apps
Read Creativity Resources on the Web

Tremor 5: Fiction/Learning
Due Pathfinder Enhancement Due

Mar 4
Work on Tutorial/Transmedia Project Due Tremor 5 Reply Due
Tremor 6: Creativity
Mar 11
Spring Break

Nothing Due

Mar 18

Work on Tutorial/Transmedia Project

Tutorial/Transmedia Project Due
Tremor 6 Reply Due

Mar 25
Read Collection Development
Read Audio/Video Collection Development
Read Selection of Software
Read Software Evaluation Tools
Read Selection of Web Resources
Read Evaluating Web Resources
Read Publishers of Software

Tutorial/Transmedia Project Enhancement Due

April 1
Read Collection Issues
Read Acceptable Use of Electronic Materials
Read Filtering Tools and Issues
Read Copyright Issues
Read Citing Sources
Read Plagiarism

Tremor 7: Collection Due

April 8
Read Promotion
Tremor 7 Reply Due
Tremor 8: Issues Due
April 15
Work on WebQuest Project

Tremor 8 Reply Due
Tremor 9: Promotion Due

April 22
Work on WebQuest Project Tremor 9 Reply Due
Last Day for Tremor Credit
WebQuest Project Due
April 24
Work on Take a Stand Project Take a Stand Project Due
April 26
Vote on your favorite TAKE A STAND project. Procrastinator's Last Day
Vote on Take a Stand
April 29
Last Day of E-Class
Remember to complete Course Evaluation
Course Evaluation Due
Lamb Turns in Grades

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