Shake 'Em Up:

Reshaping the Landscape of Libraries

A Course Guide for Teachers and Librarians

Like earthquakes, electronic materials are reshaping the landscape of libraries. From educational software to informational websites, a wide range of electronic materials are available for children and young adults. These materials can help parents entertain and motivate, assist teachers in meeting the individual learning needs of children, and provide young people with positive experiences that promote life-long learning.

Billions of dollars have been spent to provide access to electronic materials for school and public libraries. Some people view this support as an essential move in addressing the mission of the libraries to provide a broad range of informational services to the community. Others see the spending as a waste of money.

Persuading everyone from lawmakers and corporate executives to factory workers and other tax payers will take more than just talk. To convince skeptics that their money is being well-spent, it's essential to provide them with exemplary models of the positive impact of quality electronic materials. In addition, naysayers need to hear persuasive arguments that will "shake up" their stereotypical views of schools and libraries and help them see how electronic materials are reshaping our library landscapes.


boyYour mission in this course is to develop exemplary models that reflect the positive impact of electronic materials on children and young adults.

Then, you must also develop an article that contains a convincing argument that will address the concerns of skeptics and naysayers. You will be responsible for submitting your argument in the form of an article that will be read by your classmates. The class will then vote on their favorite article!

Selected projects will be posted on or linked to the "Shake 'Em Up" website at

Note: Although designed for a graduate class, anyone is free to complete the Course Guide and submit their link for inclusion on the "Shake 'Em Up" website.

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