PBS KidsFrom sketching and audio recording to journaling and photo editing, many creativity tools are being produced for mobile technology. Known as apps, these tools are easy to download and use. Although other companies produce apps, Apple's iTunes is the most popular.

In PBS Kids Photo Factory, children add characters to family photos.

In Mister Rogers' Make a Journal, children make a journal to help reflect an express feeling.

PBS Kids

PianoCreate MadLibs on your mobile device.

Audio and Music Tools

Because most mobile devices have great built-in music and microphone capabilities, you'll find lots of great music apps. Play music on your mobile device with MooCowMusic Apps such as Band.

Whether recording a lecture, taking notes, or recording dictation, audio tools are useful for simple audio recording. Some tools such as Dragon Dictation will even turn your audio into text.

Imaging Tools

Many of the the popular software publishers have created mobile app versions of their software. For instance, Adobe Photoshop Express allows users to edit and share photos (see below left). Keep in mind that most of the free apps only provide basic tools. Tools such as Brushes is available at a small fee, but contains many image creation and editing tools (see below center). Sketchbook Mobile by Autodesk is a powerful drawing program. Many apps allow young people to morph or modify images. For instance, Goosebumps PhotoShock is from Scholastic.

Photoshop ExpressbrushesPhotoshocked

Comic LifeProductivity Tools

From writing to calculating, the apps found on your computer desktop can also be found as mobile apps.

Many apps are designed to help young people organize their assignments, projects, and tests such as My Homework.

Most of the popular software tools have an app alternative. For instance, Comic Life is available for the iPad as well as Mac and Window OS.

Organization and Management Tools

Whether you want to record your calories, track your bike trip, or organize your lego bricks, there's an app available to make the task easier.

Calorie Tracker from helps users track calorie consumption, weight loss and fitness goals.


As you explore tools, think about the value of portable devices. For instance, MyNature Animal Tracks is a tool that can be used to identify animal tracks, keep field notes, and listen to animal sounds. You can even learn to make plaster casts. It's perfect for outdoor activities.

Product Connections

Increasingly companies are creating apps for product promotion and character visibility. For instance, the Dora Explorer Coloring Adventures provides a fun creativity tool, but it also promotes the Dora the Explorer television show and other programs and products. For instance Disney Apps include movie connections like Tron and television connections like Handy Manny.

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