dad and kidsFrom art to world languages there are quality resources in every subject area. Although some resources are available on CD and DVD, many more can be found on the Internet.

An increasing number of resources combine software applications that must be downloaded with online content. For example, Google Earth is a popular tool for accessing geographic information. A downloaded computer application accesses web-based content.

Seek out materials designed for the specific needs and interests of young people. For instance Tween Tribune is an online news resources for preteen young people.


As you explore nonfiction materials, consider what type of resource is most effective for the type of information sought. For example, blogs are great for tracking current events and local resources. The Loggerhead Marinelife Center blog provides information about sea turtle rehabilitation, conservation efforts, and turtle nesting. The Barcode Blog from the Rockerfeller University Program for the Human Environment focuses on current scientific discoveries related to DNA.

Wading through web resources can be time-consuming, so the pages listed below provide some of the best starting points for traditional subject areas for children and young adults.

eye means readRead the following course materials related to nonfiction electronic materials for children and young adults:

Explore each of the following pages. These focus

Explore each of the following pages. These focus on different categories of information for children and young adults.

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