Many tools can be used to create pathfinders. Let's explore four options:

First, you start with what you have. A word processor can be used to create an effective pathfinder. Remember to use the link feature to create hotlinks in your document. Also, consider exporting as a PDF file so you retain your formatting. These documents can then be uploaded to a local or remote server to share. Google Docs is a great online word processor that allows online publishing.

Second, you can web development tools to create pathfinders. You may wish to use software such as Adobe Dreamweaver to make pages. Or, consider using one of the many online tools such as Google Sites to create pages.

Third, consider wiki tools such as Wikispaces, PB Works, and Zoho. These tools allow end users to collaborate, comment, and discuss your pathfinder.

Fourth, use subscription services such as LibGuides. These services provide tools to assist in the creation of pathfinders. Go to Mythology to see an example. Explore the Best of Guides page.

Explore the following pathfinder creation resources and pathfinder collections on this page:

Pathfinder Creation

Hotlist generator

Google Docs
Create a document, then publish it.

Google Sites
Build your own pathfinder from scratch using this template-driven web creation site.

Create your own wiki.

Use this website to create a website with an optional blog.
Use this website to create your own website.

Create a wiki. The advantage of a wiki is easy of editing and the option for comments and discussion.

Use the wiki option to create an easy-to-edit web page.

Pathfinder Collections

For a master list of LibGuide at all levels, go to LibGuides Library. You can search by area of interest.

Public Libraries

Bibliographies and Pathfinders from Morton Grove Public Library
This site contains both bibliographies and pathfinders.

LibGuides from Contra Costa County
Aimed at all ages.

LibGuides from Eugene
Aimed at all ages.

LibGuides from Montogomery County
Aimed at all ages.

LibGuides from San Antonio
Aimed at all ages.

LibGuides from Suffolk County
Aimed at all ages.

LibGuides from VAPLD
Aimed at all ages.

LibGuides from Westerville Public Library
Aimed at all ages.

Pathfinder from Bullitt County Public Library

Pathfinders from Indianapolis Public Library
Pathfinders for kids

Pathfinders from Internet Public Library
Pathfinders include information, Internet resources, serials, books, professional organizations, and ideas for searching.

Pathfinders from Multnomah County Library

Pathfinders and Reference Guides from Camden Public Library System
Lots of examples. Notice their pathfinders for kids.

Study Guide from the Lakewood Public Library
Organized by elementary, middle, and high school.

Elementary School Level

Buddy Backpacks
Family literacy backpacks

Pathfinders from John Newbery Elementary School
Lots of great pathfinders

Study Guide from the Lakewood Public Library & Lakewood Schools
Lots of great pathfinders

Middle School Level

Online Library Media Center from Rosa International Middle School
Pathfinders for different grade levels across all the subject areas

Study Guide from the Lakewood Public Library & Lakewood Schools
Lots of great pathfinders

High School Level

LibGuides from Bishop Stang High School

LibGuides from BVW

LibGuides from Creekview High School

LibGuides from Deerfield Academy

LibGuides from Glenbrook North

LibGuides from Mesa Public Schools

LibGuides from New Trier High School Library

LibGuides from Palo Alto Unified School Libraries

LibGuides from Phillips Academy

LibGuides from St. George's School

Pathfinders from Conestoga High School

Pathfinders from El Paso Public Library

Pathfinders from Flannery O'Connor Library
A dozen high school pathfinders (varied qualities).

Pathfinders from Maine South

Pathfinders from Methuen Media Center
Explore the following pathfinders.

Pathfinders from Milken Community High School
A few quality pathfinders

Pathfinders from NHS

Pathfinders from Springfield Township HIgh School

Pathfinders (in wiki format) form Springfield High School

Project Pathfinders from Manchester High School Library
Research guides across subject areas.

K-12 Resources

BG Library Pathfinders

John Newbery Elementary School

How Stuff Works Pathfinders from How Stuff Works

The Pathfinder Project from State of Iowa

Pathfinder Swap

Other Pathfinder Resources

Developing Pathfinders in Schools
Links to resources on developing pathfinders.

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