While pathfinders generally have a specific structure, subject guides and thematic resources vary in their format and contents.

Thematic resources often contain web resources for children, young adults, as well as parents or teachers. They often link to both informational and instructional resources. While some provide annotations, others simply provide a list of links.

Use the following links to explore the resources on this page: General Guides, Focus on Children, and Focus on Young Adults.


General Guides

Resources for nearly 300 topics.

Awesome Library: Education Directory for Librarians
Links to resources across subject areas.

A to Z Themes and Thematic Units
Lots of themes and resources, but also lots of ads.

Educational Hotlists from Franklin Institute
Lots of hotlists on science topics.

Hundreds of standards-based thematic lists.

Homework Center from Multnomah County Library
Many pathfinders (Internet resources only).

Themes in alphabetical order.

Learning Page Pathfinders from Library of Congress
Pathfinders by events, people, places, time, and topics for digital library collection

Themes Page from Community Learning Network
Hundreds of topics (some dated links)

Thematic Units from North Attleborough
Organized by grade level, K-5, 6-8, and 9-12


Focus on Children

Education Place from Houghton Mifflin
Materials for grades K-6

Elementary Weblists
Lots of K-5 topics

Grades 3-5 Themes
Resources on many themes (updated recently)

Grades 3-5 Thematic Units
Many resources on themes

K-3 Themes from Enchanted Learning
Lots of primary grade themes

Monthly Units
Designed for K-1

Perpetual Preschool Themes
Popular preschool themes


Focus on Young Adults

Pathfinders from Cary Academy Library
Explore social studies topic web pathfinders

Web Sites from Lawrence High School Library
Many great starting points for lots of topics.

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