Many promotional activities can be designed to encourage patrons to use your electronic materials. Think about using digital tools to create promotional materials including fliers, videos, and animations.

Also, consider creating a pathfinder to support promotions. For instance, a program related to the Hunger Games series might include a Hunger Games pathfinder or a Twilight pathfinder.

Spend some time thinking about promotional activities. How could electronic materials be infused into library events? For instance when designing a "new baby" library class include software designed for young children such as Giggles Computer Funtime for Baby along with books, videos, and other materials.

Also think about promoting your electronic materials collection. Think about ways to increase the circulation of software or promote use of your electronic databases.
Scrapbook Box

Many public libraries offering promotional activities make use of fun software such as Art Explosion Scrapbook Factory Deluxe or Art by Nova Development.

For example, consider holding a pre-Mother's Day event where students read books, explore crafts websites, and create computer-generated cards.


Many libraries are exploring ways to connect readers with electronic resources. Some people are investigating the use of QM bar cord to make these connections.

eye means readRead A Link to the Future by Jim Milliot (November 15, 2010).


moonbotCollaborative Program Ideas

Use electronic materials as a way to reach out to school, organizations, and the community. For instance, start a Lego Mindstorms library program. Many middle and high schools, scouting groups, and 4-H clubs own the equipment. Start a club or hold a contest. Connect your books about lego, games, and other resources to these programs. Explore the Moonbots program as an example. The original project was sponsored by Google and Lego Mindstorms. It could be adapted for your library. Or, join one of the upcoming contests. Join the FIRST LEGO League for lots of ideas.

Watch the Youtube video Moonbots Interview to see examples of Lego Mindstorms robots in action. Go to Moonbots Media Center for more examples.

Use the power of social technology in your library programs. For instance, the Baltimore County Public Schools' Books of Character Internet Book Club used PBworks as a tool for communicating ideas, and sharing resources related to quality books that reflect the development of good character.

Contests and Awards

From writing and drawing to video production and game building, consider joining an online contest.

Go to The Book Jam Digital Book Report Contest for an example.

State book awards are a great project. Think about ways to support your state book awards with pathfinders and other online resources.

Go to Georgia Peach Book Award Nominees by Buffy Hamilton.

Think of ways to incorporate audio, video, or other elements into a traditional contest. For instance, the Young Pegasus Poetry Competition is a great way to get young poets involved with writing. Think about how their poems could be recorded and shared.

Promotion Ideas

When designing any type of library program, think about how you might incorporate

Kid Wisdom

A healthy eating promotion might include the games and resources from Kid Wisdom.

Liberty Kids BoxA Fourth of July history promotion might include resources for both children and young adults. Both PBS and PBS Kids DVDs could be incorporated along with educational software such as Liberty's Kids to go with the PBS Kids television series and the website.

Looks for topics that will attract students. For example, High School Musical has been a popular movie. How about creating a High School Musical Club? Check out the sample brochure by Kathy Burnette (PDF).

Series Promotion

From Clifford the Big Red Dog to Harry Potter, book, movie, and video game series can be used to build great promotions.

For nearly 80 years, Nancy Drew has been a favorite character. Today Nancy's adventures can be enjoyed in the original book form or as graphic novels, movies, websites and electronic games. Consider a promotion focusing multiple generations of Nancy Drew fans. Using the movie as a shared experience, grandmothers, mothers, and children could be encouraged to read and enjoy together. The same could be done with the Hardy Boys and other classics of children's literature.

Look for ways to connect books with software. It's a great way to promote both. For instance, display the traditional Nancy Drew books and the new Nancy Drew graphic novels with Nancy Drew software such as Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy from HerInteractive. Be sure to try the minigames to get a sense for the games.

Nancy Drew

Consider a similar project for comic book series such as Superman, X-Men, and Ironman. You could share the movies, games, and comics.

Themes Promotion

Trains for pre-schoolers, dinosaurs for elementary children, and vampires for high school students.... themes can draw young people to the library.


Look for ways to draw in teens with topics such as vampires and werewolves. Promote the Twilight book series and movie by Stephenie Meyer along with movies such as Interview with the Vampire, American Werewolf in London, An American Wereworf Paris, and Teen Wolf. Encourage young people to listen to their favorite vampire books such as Glass Houses by Rachel Caine or High School Bites by Lisa Conrad. Or, play your favorite electronic game.

Celebrating Cultural Diversity Promotion

Consider ways to celebrate diversity. Check out the Celebrating Cultural Diversity Promotion (PDF) for ideas. Check out a sample flier (PDF).

DiversitySample flier


Student Spotlight Promotion

Check out the Finding HOPE in the Great Depression: A "Student Spotlight" Exhibit Program (PDF) and sample flier (PDF) by Kathleen Pickens-French.


Make your electronic materials more visible through bulletin boards and posters.

Database Project

Think about ways to draw attention to your print materials through the use of electronic materials. Use the ActivityTV website to promote crafts, cooking, magic and other popular topic. For example, combine magic materials, magic books, and the ActivityTV Magnetic Pencil Trick.


BackPack Promotions

Many libraries bundle resources into backpacks that include books, software, web links and other resources.

eye means readGo to Buddy Backpacks. How could this type of project be implemented in a school or public library?


Library Website

How are you using you're virtual library to promotion your electronic materials?

eye means readGo to Castilleja School Library. Explore the many ways they use their website to promote a wide range of resources.

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