The area of software publishing for schools and libraries is remarkably small given the huge market. Over the past several years, some of the smaller companies have been purchased by larger groups making the pool even smaller.

Thousands of local distributors are available, but the pricing of software doesn't vary much. Do a quick check on Amazon, Academic Superstore, or Educational Resources to compare prices before purchasing.

Many of the publisher websites provide free trial versions or demonstrations that can be downloaded for free. Sometimes these have been noted in the descriptions.

Explore each of the following areas on this page. You don't need to look at each link, but you should have a feel for the major publishers: Large Educational Software Publishers, Other Educational Publishers, General Software Publishers, and Starting Points for Locating Software.


Large Educational Software Publishers

Although thousands of different groups publish software for children and young adults, a few companies develop the most popular software including Knowledge Adventure, Sierra, Scholastic, Broderbund (The Learning Company), and Riverdeep (Edmark).

Inspiration Software, Inc.
Home for Inspiration and Kidspiration - - the leading visual thinking tools for learning. [ Free 30 Day Trials ]

Best known for their JumpStart series, Knowledge Adventur was purchased by a larger gaming company called Activism.

Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited
Riverdeep has acquired Broderbund, Learning Company, Edmark, and others. Publishes software products like
Word Munchers Deluxe and Storybook Weaver Deluxe.

Broderbund (The Learning Company)
One of the first publishers of educational software, Broderbund now includes a wide range of products. Their best known products include Print Shop, Print Master, Kid Pix, Mavis Beacon Teacher Typing, and Family Tree Maker.
Arthur Box

Edmark from Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited
Find favorite Edmark products such as the House Series (Millie's Math House), Sammy's Science House, and Talking Walls. - [Edmark Downloads ]

Scholastic Software
Here you can locate all the Scholastic software products like Shh! We're Writing the Constitution plus Tom Snyder Productions' innovative, award-winning CD-ROMs to support learning in reading, mapping and more.

I Spy BoxThis popular book publisher has an extensive collection of software. Known for their acquistion of popular characters, they have software related to Magic School Bus, Clifford, and I Spy (shown on the left).

Tom Snyder Productions from Scholastic
Tom Snyder Productions, a Scholastic company, was founded more than 20 years ago by Tom Snyder, a former science and music teacher, who pioneered the use of technology in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning. Today they carry over 125 software titles covering each curriculum area. Products include Graph Club and Timerliner. [ Free 30 Day Trials ]

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Other Educational Publishers

There are many other educational publishers that produce fewer, more focused software.

Leading publisher of interactive, visually engaging health and medical information for healthcare organizations, medical professionals, consumers, and students. Today, A.D.A.M. employs a growing range of media, including Internet, software, CD-ROM, television and print, to deploy its proprietary content assets and products.

Crick Software
The makers of Clicker; an easy to use writing and multimedia tool for children.

Discovery Channel School
Create your own library of Discovery Channel School's award-winning teaching tools! Includes videos, cd-roms, and learning packs.

Disney Interactive Learning
Check out the full catalog of interactive learning titles. 

DK Publishing
Lots of electronic materials related to books.

FTC Publishing
Producer of Sound Companion and many other resources. [ 30 Day Trial ]

Gallopade International
Good luck on finding product descriptions on the website, but this is the producer of the best-selling State Facts and Factivities software.

Heartsoft Educational Software
Has over 70 software titles for K-8 in areas of literacy, critical thinking, math, and basic skills.

Humongous Entertainment
Producers of the Freddi Fish, Blues Clues, and Putt-Putt series, these programs are popular adventure and problem-solving environments.

HyperBole Studios
Explores interactive media as a new creative form to develop intelligent, story-driven multimedia, games, and online entertainment.

IntelliTools Software
Classroom Tools, IntelliTalk II, IntelliMathics, and IntelliPics Studio are integrated and offer a complete set of resources for both general education and special needs students, truly meeting the needs of the diverse classroom.

Jackson Software
Publishes gradebook (including bestselling GradeQuick) and school wide class management software.

Geometric Sketchpad BoxKey Curriculum Press
Math software publisher. Known for Geometric Sketchpad series.

Publish math, language, science, social studies, and problem solving programs - - including Super Science Show.

Software for reading comprehension improvement.

National Geographic
Number of software products including the complete archives of 112 years of National Geographic Magazine on CD-ROM.
Software -

Neufeld Learning Systems Inc.
Publishes math software for grades 4-10 - - including the Understanding Math™ series.

Orbis Software
Publishes the top-selling Easy Grade Pro software.

Renaissance Learning
Creators of reading, math, writing, and standards software solutions for pre-K to 12 learners.
Related Division: Humanities Software

Simon & Schuster Interactive
A variety of software for children. Includes Wimzie's House, Bundle of Bugs, Garfield, and more.

Sunburst Technology
Site describes current software include Type to Learn, Hot Dog Stand: The Works, Easy Book Deluxe, A to Zap!, and the Learn About Series. They offer 30-day online previews, videostreaming of some programs.

SVE & Churchill Media
Offers a large variety of science CD-ROMs; subjects include zoology, botany, chemistry, ecology, and more.

Image Blender, Media Blender, SimplyVR, and VideoBlender. Also, Claymation Kit. [ Freebies ] [ 30 Day Trials ]

Terrapin Software
Publishes various software related to Logo.

Tivola Publishing
Publishes interactive storybooks, software, and games. Includes the Little Prince, Snow White and the Seven Hansels, Peanuts, and more.

World Book Store
Reference software and other materials.

Zane Publishing
Re-purposes some of the world’s best learning and reference material into cd-rom format.

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General Software Publisher

Many of the software packages developed for adults can also be used with children and young adults. Below is a listing of the most popular software publishers for schools and libraries.

Adobe Systems Incorporated
Makers of PhotoShop, Acrobat, PageMaker, and much more. They also now own the Macromedia products.

Apple Computer
Software products include Mac operating systems, iMovie, Quicktime, AppleWorks and more.

Makers of the leading database software.

Microsoft Corporation
Makers of operating system and server software, productivity tools, reference software, and much more.

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Starting Points for Locating Software

Thousands of software publishers and distributors are available online. A few popular starting points have been listed below:

Academic Superstore
Great place for academic pricing.

Educational Resources
Nation's largest source of educational technology, hardware, accessories, and supplemental products.

Educational Software Directory from Google
Directory of software companies.

Educational Software Directory
Online guide to learning software resources on the web. Includes software indexed by subject area with links to publishers, reviews, and more. Index to educational game software.

Technical Support at Scholastic
Extensive listing of list of software titles, publishers and their respective technical support numbers. If you purchased software through the Scholastic Software clubs, book clubs or fairs, you can contact the publisher.

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Adapted with permission from Chapter 5 in Lamb, A. (2006). Building Treehouses for Learning: Technology in Today's Classroom, Fourth Edition.

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