Dog Days


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Dog Days

So you have found that you were meant to own a dog. Check out these books, websites, and other sources to help you choose, find, and care for one


Pavia, A. (2009). Having fun with  your dog. Hoboken, N.J : Wiley.
Do you wonder what some fun things are that you can do with your dog? This book will show you lots of neat activities you can do with man's best friend.
Miller, M. (1998). Dogs. Des Plaines, Ill. : Heinemann Interactive Library.                    This beginner book will help you choose the right dog for you and learn how to take care of it.    
Friday, M. (2009). Pet Crafts: Everything you need to become your pet's craft star. Laguna Hills, Calif. : Walter Foster ; Enfield : Publishers Group UK[distributor].                               
A book of simple, easy to create crafts that you can make for your pet.

Animal Planet: Dog Breed Selector Quiz 
A quiz that allows you to put in information about yourself, your family, the things you do, and what you want in a pet. Once you put all of this in, it picks the right type of dog for you.
Kokomo Humane Society
The website of the Kokomo Humane Society lets you look at pets they have available for adoption, as well as learn about volunteering and donating.
Fact Monster: Pets Page
An awesome website that has LOTS of interesting facts and useful information on dogs, cats, and other animals.
DLTK's Dog Activities
This webpage offers easy crafts (that all have to do with dogs) you can make.
Kaboose: Doggie Bowl Craft
While you are making dog crafts for yourself, why not make something for your best friend. This webpage will show you how to easily make a neat dog bowl. 
Easy Kids Recipes: Lip Smacking Pet Treat Recipes
You know your pup would love some homemade treats. This site will show you how to make some yummy snacks for him or her.  

A database that has over 6000 dog names and will search them for you after you tell them whether your dog is a boy or a girl and you pick a category to look under
A website that allows you to look for pets you can adopt based on animal, breed, age, size, gender, and location.
Dragon Tales. Our Amazing Pets. United States: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.
This DVD will teach you how important it is to take good care of your pet.
Paws, Claws, Feathers, & Fins. Newton, MA : Kidvidz.
This video will teach you everything you need to know about owning a pet: from picking it out to taking care of it.