Process - Part 1


1. Fill in the "K" and "W" of a K-W-L chart about blueberries with your class and teacher.

2. Your teacher will read the book “Blueberries for Sal” to you and your class.

3. Talk about the book with your teacher in class. Your teacher will show a video from the US Highbush Blueberry Council.

4. Work with a partner to look on the web to find information about blueberries. Look over the information on these websites. It is best if you take notes on a piece of paper about things you want to remember later.

Blueberries – from Dole 5 a Day Reference Center
(Choose "blueberries" from the "SELECT HERE" box.)


Blueberries – Michigan Kid's Corner

Slideshow: Blueberry farming in NJ
Pictures from Emery's Berry Farm, Inc. in New Egypt, New Jersey
It's ok if you can't read everything on this page.

KidChef Blueberry Information

5. Now, draw a picture and write a letter to Sal with at least 5 facts about blueberries. Use at least five sentences in your letter. You can write by hand or use the MS Paint, Kidpix or Stationery Studio programs for your letter. If you use Stationery studio, leave space at the top or bottom of your letter for your own drawing. You can draw whatever you wish, but it should be related to what you write in your letter.
EXAMPLE LETTER with picture (created using MS PAINT)

Print out your letter with its picture. Now, share your letter with your partner. Read your letter to your partner. Make sure that your partner sees your picture and gives you a positive comment. Next, let your partner read their letter to you. Be sure to give a positive comment to your partner.