Blake's College Graduation

Late summer 2003, Blake returned from his year of study at the University of Koln in Germany. He found it tough getting back into the routine of college life at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston after lots of opportunities to travel in Europe. He was happy to have only one semester left and graduated December 13, 2003.

Ben, Brooke, Pam, Blake, Larry Graduation
Photo above taken by Annette of Ben, Brooke, Pamela, Blake, and Larry

Many family members attended the graduation ceremonies in Charleston, Illinois. We look lots of photographs and handed the camera off so everyone could be in the picture. Immediately below is a photo of Annette, Blake, and Larry.

Annette, Blake, Larry
Annette, Blake, and Larry

Blake was one of four foreign language graduates at the fall graduation. He majored in both Spanish and German. While in Germany, he also began studying French and Italian. Benjamin (below left) is currently a junior at Illinois State University, and Brooke is an assistant editor at the local Mattoon/Charleston newspapers.

Ben, Blake, Brooke
Benjamin, Blake, and Brooke

Graduation Party

After the campus ceremonies, everyone headed to the house in Charleston for lunch, party, and a graduation cake. In the photograph below left, brothers Bob, Keith, and Larry are catching up on some family news. Cousins always enjoy getting together too. The photograph below right shows the youngest cousin (Tessa) with her oldest cousin (Brooke) from the Green side of the family.

Bob, Keith, Larry at graduation partyTessa & Brooke
(Photo left) Bob, Keith, & Larry Johnson - - (Photo right) Tessa and Brooke

By the end of the day, Blake, Brooke, and Ben probably got tired of getting their picture taken; however, we realized that we often forget to take enough family photos. This time we kept two cameras busy and managed to get some good formal and candid shots. The photo below right shows Sylvester sharing stories with two of his grandsons.

Blake, Brooke, BenSylvester, Ben, Blake
(Photo left) Blake, Ben, and Brooke - - (Photo right) Sylvester, Ben, and Blake

Everyone had a good time. Blake decided to create a self portrait from one of the graduation/Christmas plates. Shawn along with several others found the Bud Lite stash.

Blake with self portrait paper plateShawn
(Photo left) Blake - - (Photo right) Sylvester and Shawn

Below left Suzanne poses with her niece, Brooke. On the right, Uncle Rick and nephew Jonathan are talking and playing games with Tessa at the dining table.

Suzanne & Brooke Tessa smiling
(Photo left) Suzanne and Brooke - - (Photo right) Rick, Tessa, and Jon

Throughout the day, different people enjoyed playing the piano in the living room. In the picture below, Amanda and Ben are playing a duet.

Ben and Amanda at pianoLarry & Blake
(Photo left) Amanda and Ben - - (Photo right) Larry and Blake

Midday it had begun to snow, so by late afternoon out-of-town travelers began to broom off their cars and head home. The snow soon stopped, and everyone made it home fine. We look forward to Ben's graduation in a couple of years.

Thanks to Pam and the kids for the great party and celebration.


Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 12/03.