California Visit

Here pictures of Larry's relatives in California. He apologizes that he did not take lots more photos and that several of these are not the best quality. Should have used the flash for 'all' indoor shots.
On the right and below left, Larry's Aunt Jean (Hemet, CA).
Below right are her sons, Jim Treece (Tacoma, WA) and Joe Treece (Hemet, CA).

Here on the left is Sandy Treece, Joe's Wife. Sandy works at the business offices for Hemet Schools. Joe works for Sawyer, Cook & Co. in commercial insurance. Jim recently retired as Export Sales Manager for Weyerhaeuser.

Next are pictures of Aunt Lenelle Reade (below right) and two of her children. Edwin (below left) lives with and assists his mother in Cherry Valley, CA. He also works with his brother, Oscar, who lives in nearby Yucaipa, CA. Below middle is photo of Karen Stone (La Quinta, CA).

Karen works in the business offices of La Quinta's Schools, more specifically as the budget officer.

On the left, Joe is showing us a beaded bolo tie that he received as a gift from a native American co-volunteer at the 'Ramona Outdoor Pageant.'

Enjoyed our visit.

Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 1/99
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