Bandits in the Campground, Yikes!

The other afternoon we were working
and chanced to glance out and about
And there we spied these two fellows
ambling 'long their route.
The pair looked like trouble . . .
as here you plainly see,
the runt was shy and trembly
the other bold and free.

One hid behind the other
and played hide and seek
his sibling got impatient
and headed for the creek.

The scared one climbed the post
sister had already made her break
But we got both captured here
in case they're on the take ...
(They are masked, aren't they?)
Dedicated to Dad (William Smith),
a raccoon lover from Coon Rapids, Iowa.

Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 1/99
Updated by Larry Johnson, 7/00
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