Johnson - Reade Stampede

June 9th - 11th, 2000
We again met at the White Buffalo Resort at the confluence of the Buffalo and White Rivers (Near Mountain Home). We visited, played, reminisced, ate some great food, and generally had an all-round good time.
That's Harriet (Russellville), Phil (Marshall), and Joan (Little Rock) on the right . .

Ben Johnson (Above left- Charleston, IL) played and sang a few tunes for us. The kids were scattered all over. Some went fishing and Chris's boys caught near two dozen trout. Most of the kids spent some time in the pool, so did some adults, and generally all of us showed back up at mealtime. Joshua ( Sue & Bob Johnson's youngest) and Amanda (Pat & Ralph Stevenson's oldest) plus Amanda's friend are sitting on the porch swing - Above right.
Below left - This is Annette, Larry and Benjamin Johnson. Where are they from? 'Carpetbaggers,' I believe was the way Chris put it. (8-)

On the right is a domino lesson in progress - Uncle Joe lays down two dominoes and says, 'I'll take a dime.' Ben and Larry question, 'How can you lay down two at once?' and Joe responds, 'because none of you have a play.' Dad-gum if he wasn't right!

Above left - Joe and Wilma Reade of Leslie, AR (Still has a few more days in her walking cast) with Lillian and Sylvester Johnson (Clarksburg, IL) on their right.
Above Right - Warren and Joan Shelton with daughter Lisa and her husband John - the Brown's (All of Little Rock, AR).

Above left - Zachary, Harriet and Lori Massey (Russellville, AR).
On the right - Chris, Michael, Denise, and Bradley Reade and girlfriend (All of Bryant, AR). Their daughter (the oldest - not present here) made it for a canoe trip on the Buffalo River, but had to return home for work.
Below - All the Reades present and accounted for . . . Stephanie and Bryan Little and their two children could not be there this time - and Allen & Olivia Massey (Russellville, AR) and their daughter had to leave before this shot.
Above - Aradasa and Sidney Johnson, along with his parents. Hey what happened to the Johnson Family Group, everyone get together, where's everyone else? Next time . . .

Above left - The Stevenson family; that's Ashley with her Dad Ralph behind, Pat and Amanda on the right, and a family friend in the middle (Riverton, IL).
Above right - Wilma with her youngest son, Chris.

Above left - Sidney and Aradasa Johnson (Alpharetta, GA). Sid is in a knee brace; looks like surgery for him later this summer.
Above right - Bob Johnson (Fairview Heights, IL) along with Sylvester and Joe.
Well that's it for our reunion pictures. To Bob's wife Sue, how did you avoid the camera? And Allen and Olivia were there with the baby, but not there for the photo session - and how did we miss getting a shot of them or the baby? Will get you all next time. Take more pictures! We also missed Keith and Jill and his family from Effingham, IL; not missed as in a photo - - but they were also unable to join us this time. We are counting on seeing them here in two years. Be there or we'll send those three guys (above right) looking for you. Think about what you would say if they showed up on your front porch, eh heh . . .
See you all in two years - back at White Buffalo. Let's plan on it!

Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 1/99
Updated by Larry Johnson, 7/00
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