The Smiths

Let's meet the Smith Family!

Annette and Larry enjoy traveling with Annette's parents, Bill and Nancy. On the right, we're exploring Cade's Cove in Smoky Mountain National Park.

We also like to meet Annette's younger sisters in exciting vacation locations. Below on the left, you'll find Annette and Allison at the Mount Saint Helen Volcano. On the right below, Annette and Arrion are enjoying a rowdy game of mini-golf in Estes Park, Colorado.

Because Bill and Nancy are involved in our publishing business, we look for excuses to make our meetings interesting. We often brainstorm ideas for future projects as we're traveling. In the case on the lower left, we're driving down the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. The picture on the lower right is a more formal shot taken after a wedding last fall in Oregon.

We try to get together once in the fall and then at Thanksgiving or Christmas. The pictures below show Arrion and her boyfriend Ben at a gathering during Christmas 1999. On the lower right, you'll notice that our family is known for getting a little silly particularly at Christmas time. We enjoyed unwrapping and racing to assemble our legos as part of an annual goofy gift game that Annette enjoys organizing.

Since the Smith family is spread out across the United States, we don't find time for as many face-to-face visits as we'd like. On the other hand through the phone, email and websites, we can easily keep in touch.

Our "life on the road" has made it possible for us to visit family. Below on the left, Annette and Allison played a "You Don't Know Jack" computer game when visiting in Tucson. Sometimes people like to visit us. The picture on the lower right shows Bill and Larry at our campsite in the mountains north of Asheville, North Carolina.

Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 1/99
Updated by Larry Johnson, 7/00
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